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VitalTalks Live: Safer, Healthier Air Starts with Data

More than 90% of the world breathes unhealthy air and humanity is wrestling with the ubiquitous challenges posed by climate change and its extreme impacts on our health. Safer and cleaner air can only be achieved when policymakers, public health practitioners and the public understand the sources and impacts of air pollutants and greenhouse gasses, and the evidence-based solutions to mitigate this pollution.

In this VitalTalks event held in Washington D.C., Climate and Clean Air Coalition partners Environmental Defense Fund and Vital Strategies discuss how data is helping improve air quality and the need for clean air actions to protect our health and the health of our planet.

Speakers include:

  • Sumi Mehta, Vice President of Environmental, Climate and Urban Health, Vital Strategies
  • Sarah Vogel, Senior Vice President, Healthy Communities, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Opening remarks by Rafael Peralta, Regional Director and Representative, Regional Office for North America, UN Environment Programme
  • Moderated by: Sandra Cavalieri, Climate and Clean Air Coalition Secretariat, UN Environment Programme