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“New data proves we can reduce global road deaths, but the alarming loss of life on our roads demands urgent uptake of proven interventions.”

Statement from Sandra Mullin, Senior Vice President, Policy Advocacy and Communication, Vital Strategies, on the World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Road Safety 2023, which indicates a 5% drop in road traffic deaths since 2010

Dec. 13, 2023 (New York)—“The estimated 1.19 million people killed on the world’s roads each year indicates that roads are still being built to prioritize vehicles—not people.

The World Health Organization’s latest report reveals a 5% reduction in traffic deaths globally. Interventions to improve road safety are working. But the loss of life on our roads is continuing at an alarming rate.

Pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other riders of two- and three-wheeled vehicles account for more than half of traffic deaths around the world. The reality is even more stark in low- and middle-income countries, where traffic crashes account for 90% of deaths, despite these countries having only around 60% of the world’s motor vehicles.

Safer streets for all is an attainable goal. But it requires political will and relentless advocacy for lower speeds, safer street design, pedestrian-centric city planning, and less dependency on vehicles for transit. We encourage governments, the road safety community, and the public to make sure that everyone, everywhere has access to the safe streets they deserve.”

About Vital Strategies’ Road Safety Program: 

Vital Strategies is an implementing partner of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS), supporting governments in carrying out proven road safety interventions around the world. We use our expertise to help cities strengthen road crash data systems, and then use that data to inform policy and action. We guide the creation of strategic communication and mass media campaigns to change road user behavior. Finally, we serve as the main liaison among the initiative’s multiple global partners, governments, and city agencies to align efforts in implementing policy, infrastructure, enforcement, communication and surveillance programs.

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Vital Strategies believes every person should be protected by an equitable and effective public health system. We work with governments, communities, and organizations around the world to reimagine public health so that health is supported in all the places we live, work and play. The result is millions of people living longer, healthier lives.

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